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Detoxifying Cream

Detoxifying cream for glowing skin

If your tired Of trying different creams .Enough is enough try this homemade detoxifying  cream. Click the link below.

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White Sugar Body Scrub

White Sugar Body Scrub

For Fair,smooth and glowing skin

It will help you to get rid of bumpy or chicken skin.

IF you have body acne,saggy skin then this scrub is just for you.

I used to have bumpy skin and whenever i used to touch my skin I never get smooth feeling and it always bothered me and made self conscious so i started using this scrub.

I will be honest as this scrub will not get rid of bumpy skin in few days as it will take  a bit long .

There are few tips while using a scrub.

1)Never rub harsh ,always use gentle hands ,if you do so then instead of repairing your skin you are making it worse.

2)Exfoliate twice a week .

For the recipe click on the link


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Vagina tightening Pills

If your worried of your loose vagina.Ladies then don’t be because their a lot of methods tight you vagina.

I hope these vagina tightening pills will do.

for this see this video and for more subscribe to my channel.

If your not satisfied with it then you can check this video.

Go with natural remedies because it 100% works

click the link below

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Vitamin-C cream for spotless skin by Dr.khurrum Mushir

3022D95500000578-3404183-image-a-29_1453076117379Vitamin-C cream to get rid of acne,pimples,pigmentation and for a glowing skin

you can use this cream with oils or aloe vera

I recommend fish oil to use with this recipe as it is superb to tight your saggy skin if you have

For the recipe click the link